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Piecing Scattered Souls: Maine, Germany, Mexico, China, and Beyond, by David O. Solmitz

“This haunting autobiography is a major contribution to the newly growing body of Holocaust-survivor-children’s memoirs. Its two-part title says much: “Piecing Scattered Souls” highlights the care in the centripetal organization of the three-generation narrative dealing with the author’s survivor parents, his own generation of Holocaust-survivor children and their wives, and the next generation of his four children. “The tome’s subtitle, “Maine, Germany, Mexico, China, and Beyond,” highlights the macrocosmic venue in which the events unfold.

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My Tainted Blood by Hubert C. Kueter

My Tainted Blood follows the author, Hubert C. Kueter, as a boy and teenager in wartime Breslau and postwar Germany. People’s names have been changed but the circumstances are all too real. Hubert turned surviving in WWII’s Germany, as a half Jewish youth, into an adventure and writes about his exploits with wit and humor. Perhaps that’s how he managed to stay alive, and keep his family and friends healthy, during the most horrific circumstances. The incorporation of the author’s love of cooking, at a time when he had to forage for food under the Nazi regime, helps him in part survive and adds a unique dimension to the chronicle. Kueter also imparts insights into German Jews and their unrequited […]

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Breckinridge Long: American Eichmann??? by Neil Rolde

An Enquiry into the Character of the Man Who Denied Visas to the Jews By Neil Rolde During the Holocaust, while the Nazis were exterminating thousands of Jews daily, the U.S. State Department official in charge of matters concerning all European refugees was Breckinridge Long. He was known as an extreme nativist, who was suspicious of Eastern Europeans. He feared more immigrants would spoil existing cultural values and bring with them communist ideals. “He’s an example of the banality of evil,” said Rolde. “I wanted to highlight his own accounts of his life written in all his diaries, and the times in which he lived, to give people a comprehensive look into his character,” said Neil Rolde author of the […]

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Project Omaha Beach: The Life and Military Service of a Penobscot Indian Elder by Charles Shay

In 2007 Charles Norman Shay went to Washington, DC, to receive the Legion of Honor medal from French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The medal has joined the others bestowed on him, including a Silver Star and four bronze battle stars from World War II and the Korean War, in his home on the Penobscot Indian Island Reservation in Old Town, Maine. As a young Army medic he had been in the famed 1st Infantry Division that landed in the first wave on Omaha Beach, Normandy. He does not recall how many men he pulled from the water while bullets were streaming past him. “We’ve all had our individual experiences, and none are more dramatic than the next,” said Shay, characteristically modest. […]

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Book and magazine covers by Ramona du Houx

Ramona du Houx has been commissioned to do book covers and magazine covers. She works closely with the authors and editors to get the cover they are looking for. Polar Bear and Company, Maine Insights and renown authors like Neil Rolde have hired du Houx.

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Gallery Storks represents art from Maine

Thirty-four artists represented by Gallery Storks participated in the Affordable Art Fair in New York City in October, 2013. The exhibit was a success for the gallery and will hopefully bring interest in Storks from around the world. The next Affordable Art Fair will be in London in March and Storks plans to be a part of that event as well. Gallery Storks owner, Takafumi Suzuki, worked with Ramona du Houx over thirty years ago in Tokyo at Nihon Digako, Japan University. They both have continued to explore photography and exhibit. Three years ago Takafumi opened his own gallery in the Tokyo arts district. Ramona is now represented by Storks and a branch of the gallery is due to open […]