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THE WAY THINGS WERE: Deer Isle in the Steamboat Era

A collection of true short stories and essays about Maine’s past, by William and Tom Haviland. Click here for the first story. 

For close to 100 years, from the 1840s until 1942, Deer Isle, an island off the coast of Maine, relied on steamboats for access to other parts of the state. During this era, the island was a place of small family farms with a strong seafaring tradition. In his final years, Tom Haviland penned a series of short stories and essays based on his early experiences and characters he had known. Enjoy discovering what island life was like in these bygone days.  More

Circle Blown

A novel by M.E. Brinton. Click here for the first installment.

When the United States was still neutral before WWII, a house of suspected Nazi spies was blown up in a small town in Maine. One of the young men who committed the crime ran to an island off the coast and got a job, only to discover that his employer was the lover of a Nazi submarine captain at anchor nearby. Click here for the first section.

Based on a true story, a lost quality of life is recovered through the eyes of an artist. Read More about the author here.


A memoir by John Willey. Click here for the first chapter.

Read sage insights into life in a Maine boatyard, where Willey worked and kept a journal from 1978 to ’79. As the historian John Gardner confirms, below, until relatively recently boatbuilding was not recorded – the life of the yard crew even less so. Here is a rare and vibrant narrative from an apprentice. Click here for the first chapter.

It’s great, it really is great. I can see it, and see it all – smell it, taste it, and feel it … The shop and crew and Paul came through life size. I was there with you, every blessed, excruciating, wonderful minute … Last night after supper, I sat down with it and didn’t get up until I had finished, about 2 a.m.”  Read More about the author.

More short stories and a serialized novel:

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Between Two Rivers is a novel, by Ramona du Houx, about a young woman, Mia, coming to terms with her mother’s mysterious death, what she believes, and how she fits into the world. Stuck in dead-end jobs and burdened with college debt Mia, and an old college roommate travel to Mexico. The more they investigate the natural wonders, as well as the area’s history Mia understands she must confront her father about her mother. But that becomes the least of her challenges. When interacting with locals, the pair make dramatic discoveries that lead them into a web of intrigue, murder and environmental degradation. Read chapter 1 – Blue Heron – HERE.

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We are honored to serialize Esther Pasztory’s collection of short stories starting with Conversations with Quetzalcoatl.

When Quetzalcoatl, a pre-Columbian deity, speaks to Anna a love story commences which challenges, yet enhances her marriage. Humor and challenging conversations take place. Click HERE.

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Coastal Maine in Words and Art: Gallery Fukurou’s Reflections by Maine Writers, 2019.

Over the coming months Insights will serialize the vignettes in this art/literary book.  The book was published with the help of the Maine Humanities Council. Through a contest writers had to create stories from art photographs. The result are unique pieces. This month we will highlight 4 of the 28 stories: 



Bimonthly Writing Challenges

Submit your stories to info(at)

Write a story, 300-800 words, about this photographic art piece by Yorozuya Yohaku. If you story is chosen, it will be published in our next issue.



Climate Change Challenge

Submit your stories to info(at)

The climate crisis is evident everywhere. Write a 800-1,200 word story about the climate crisis with a solution to the topic you write about based on this image. If your story is chosen, it will be published in our July issue.



Philosophy, poetry and coastal Maine short stories all paired with art


YOGANOMICS by Paul V Cornell du Houx

“Discover how it transpires that what connects us is more fundamental than anything else and indeed allows character to flourish and trees to breathe with the landscape, the oceans and the economy—just the sort of vision shared by so many cultures, regions and belief systems, past and present . . . ” Read some inspiring sutras HERE.


SEASONS by David Kroner and Ramona du Houx

Welcome to a wonderful book of 12 poems for children – and adults in the tradition of A.A.Milne. This month will highlight SPLISH SPLASH and KITTY’S SNOWFLAKE

Coastal Maine in Words and Art: Gallery Fukurou’s Reflections by Maine Writers, 2019.

THE SHIP OSPREY, by Rosemarie Nervelle.

A haunting tale of sailing off the coast of Maine. READ IT HERE.


From Coastal Maine in Words and Art: Gallery Fukurou’s Reflections by Maine Writers, 2019

It is our hope that these these unique coastal stories and the art that accompanies each one will inspire and spark your imagination.


SAILING  by M.E. Brinton 

The author takes one on a journey overseas to the Emerald Green Isle. SAILING BY M.E. BRINTON


TIME  by Mark Aufiery 

Mark works his magic as time in an hour glass in his short story. TIME BY MARK AUIFIERY  


To feel, really feel, the presence of the moon here is: SLIPSTREAM OF THE MOON BY ED PEELE