clipper cover

Isn’t it great to be the boss? Clipper the puppy thinks so. He’s so sure that he is the boss of everyone on his Maine Island. So sure, until one day—

“Clipper is a puppy who likes to be the boss, until an adventure makes him reconsider. In this book, we enjoy the beauty of Maine, the kindness of his family, and Clipper’s own good humor. The pictures are lovely, with beautiful colors,” said Jane McCloskey, author of Robert McCloskey: A Private Life in Words and Pictures.

dog on beachLibrary of Congress Control Number: 2013940676
ISBN 978-1-882190-21-8

Published by:
Polar Bear & Company
PO Box 311, Solon, Maine 04979 U.S.A.

Text copyright © 2013 by Anita de Laguna Haviland. Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Ramona du Houx. All rights reserved.

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