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Takafumi Suzuki is holding a photographic exhibit of his images of the World Trade Center Twin Towers of New York City.

“Now, when I visit New York City there is a void where the Twin Towers once graced the skyline. While the city has put up an inspired memorial and a new World Trade Center to replace the lost towers I still look for those familiar buildings, I still expect to see them,” said Takafumi.

Suzuki is a professor at Nihon University in Tokyo and studied as a graduate student in the 1980’s in New York City. While living in the city he took many photographs. When the devastating tragedy of the 911 terrorists attacks occurred he, as millions of people did, reflected. And he revisited the images he had taken.

Even Now by Takafumi Suzuki
Even Now by Takafumi Suzuki

Now, to help heal the still open wound he is exhibiting those images in Even now— I miss you! at Gallery Storks in the art district of Tokyo, Japan.

“The Twin Towers will always be a part of me, and millions of others who called NYC home. I resurrected photographs I took years ago as a tribute to the towers, the people of NYC, and all the souls lost in the tragedy— they will always live on,” said Takafumi. “Working on these photographs helped me come to terms with 911, I hope it will help others begin to heal.”

Takafumi, also known as Yohaku Yorozuya, has had multiple exhibits over his forty year career as a photographic artist. He is renowned for his use of classic darkroom techniques spending hours perfecting exactly what he wants to express with his negatives.

“The work uses the Sabatier Effect technique to bring out the emotions I felt,” he said.

The show runs from January 9th to the 28th. The gallery is only closed on January 14th.

There will be a book based on this exhibit published by Polar Bear & Company.

Gallery Storks represents the photographic art of Ramona du Houx of Maine. Artists interested in exhibiting at the gallery, from Maine, should contact du Houx at

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