Portland Press Herald reporter Bob Keyes was acknowledgedfor his commitment to covering the state’s literary arts with a distinguished achievement award from the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.

Maine Literary Awards were presented in 17 categories, including fiction, crime fiction, nonfiction, memoir and children’s books. The alliance will announce the winners in a mailing to independent bookstores across Maine that also will include stickers that booksellers can affix to winning books.

The winners included Roxana Robinson for “Sparta” in fiction; Al Lamanda for “Sunrise” in crime fiction; Lincoln Paine for “The Sea and Civilization” in nonfiction; Peter Korn for “Why We Make Things and Why it Matter” in memoir; Lynn Plourde for “You’re Wearing THAT to School?!” in children’s; Maria Padian for “Out of Nowhere” in young adult; Reeser Manley and Marjorie Peronto for “New England Gardener’s Year” with the John N. Cole Award; Elizabeth W. Garber and Michael Weymouth for “Maine (Island Time)” for excellence in publishing; Mark D. Diehl for “Seventeen: Book One” in speculative fiction; and Martha White for “E.B. White on Dogs” in anthology.

The winners in short works were Deborah H. Gould for fiction, Mira Ptacin for nonfiction, and Christopher Robley for poetry. The youth competition winners were Grace Whited for fiction, Toby Choyt for nonfiction, and Tessa Holbrook for poetry. Elysia P. Roorbach was recognized for being a youth finalist three years in a row.

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