Every month Ramona du Houx exhibits her work on her online gallery and at her studio in Solon, Maine. Every month the theme changes reflecting the personality of the “lightgraphs,” she has chosen for the month. “Lightgraphs” are a technique she created that makes photographs resemble watercolors. This month’s theme is watercolor like flowers.

Ramona said, “Painting with the camera can create the sense of being personally close to an object through colors, textures, memories, and the seasons.

“To take a photograph of a flower is obvious and can be simplistic to some. To me that is the challenge- for flowers are complex and show us the universe. To show the energy and light within a flower and how it relates to its surroundings is like viewing the Milky Way. There seems to be a distance between stars, there appears to be voids between flowers but the energy we don’t see binds them together. Just as stars don’t float away into other zones, flowers in arrangements, be them natural or human made… don’t move off on their own.

“But most of all flowers are simply beautiful.

“As painters’ depicted continuing life within still life arrangements, I look to arrangements in nature- or composed by humans- with a similar eye. Why? It makes our subconscious think about life that I believe is healthy and often overlooked as we rush around in our daily routines.”

To see more please visit her website.

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