© Ramona du Houx

© Art work by Emily Marie Cornell du Houx

Jamie looked out the window,

Pleased it was rain, not snow;

Water came pouring down,

Making puddles all around.

It rained,

Day after day,

It rained,

All through the month of May,

It rained.


A burst of sun could be seen,

As Jamie looked out,

And all about;

Still, it rained,

And rained,

And rained.

Finally his mom let him play outside,

But just in the drive,

Which was fine with him,

For this time he would win

The splashing contest,

Springtime’s ageless test.

Splash, splish,

Mud flew all around;

Only Jamie’s eyes could be found.

Splash, squish,

He made a mud dish,

That turned into a bowl,

That he made into a wall.

Spalsh, splish,

His dam was erected for all to see.

Spalsh, squish,

And a river was created by Jamie.

Splash, squish,

“What are you doing?

A singular art you should be pursuing,”

Said a vocal bird

That made her mind heard.

“Is there a problem, Robin?

I’ve created a world,

With mud I did hurl.

I’ve been a bulldozer, and a dump truck,

Playing around in this wonderful muck;

When there is no sun,

It’s loads of fun!”

Splish, splash,

Squish, splish,

His red boots danced,

Taking spring’s chance.

“Come on, join in the fun,

And splash until day is done!”

The robin shook her head;

What she did dread,

Was not said.

Splish, splash, splash,

“Come take a mud bath,

Or make a new mud path.”

“I have responsibilities;

I can’t be seen

Playing outside,

In your drive.

I must feed my young;

It’s noon by the sun.”

“I can help you there.

You must be aware

That in the mud there are hidden

The best worms that have been driven

By the force of the water,

Into these pools of muddy waters.”

The robin blinked,

While it did think,

“I suppose it would do no harm,

And I really shouldn’t be alarmed.

After all, finding worms is what I do,

So, friend, can we start anew?”

Jamie smiled,

Splish, splash,

Squish, squash.

Chirp, chip, chirp,

Yank, munch, burp.

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