Ramona du Houx has been designing logos, brochures, book covers, postcards and even menus for over eighteen years.

Members of the design team include a Rhode Island School of Design professor, as well as writers with degrees from Amherst and Bowdoin College.

With her team your ideas will come to life.

Ramona, along with some members of her design team have been creating website designs since 2006.

Ramona works closely with clients. Technicians that specialize in social media and IT management are also contracted by Ramona to ensure the needs of every client. As Ramona is a professional photographer her talents are often incorporated into a design when she photographs the location, person, or product for a site. This is unique to INSIGHTS.

Ramona uses her art and design background along with her natural composition sense to create websites that intrigue and inform.

The banner designs are a big part of branding the website as it is the first item anyone sees. Ramona creates these special headers according to clients wishes. If you just want a header or other design elements she and her team are more than willing to accommodate your needs.





Her use of color brings out concepts better left to be visualized.

For closer looks at some of the most recent website designs, which include this blog, check them out:

The Hathaway Creative Center

Holocaust and World War II books

The Maine Artist Collective

Maine Island Puppy Clipper

Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci

Neil Rolde Author

Maine Insights Newsmagazine

Fine Art Photography by Ramona du Houx

Please contact Ramona, 207.319.4727 for a quote or to discuss your concept.

As a writer of 25 years of experience, including 15 years as the principle writer of Maine Insights newsmagazine, Ramona has the expertise to write or rewrite the copy for your website. Her team also is comprised of three other professional writers and designers.

The Insights design team has been commissioned to do book covers and magazine covers, as well as brochures, logos and business cards. They work closely with the authors and editors to get the cover they are looking for. Polar Bear and Company, Maine Insights and renown authors like Neil Rolde have contracted us. Here is a sample of their work:

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