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Dog/wolf sculptures installed at Portland, Maine’s pier

Andy Rosen, a South Portland artist, has installed seven lifelike dogs/wolves sculptures called at the former Grand Trunk railroad pier in Portland. The temporary “Unpack” sculptures are on the dilapidated pier on Portland’s eastern waterfront, just beyond Ocean Gateway. The dogs are already turning heads. His goal is to get people to think about their environment. To construct the sculpture […]

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MECA winer of Portland beer labeling design

D.L. Geary’s Brewing Company out of Portland has picked a winner for its yearly competition to design their summer ale label and packaging. This year’s winner is R.J. Condon, a Cape Cod native attending MECA.Condon will be graduating from MECA in 2017 and plans to stay in Portland. “I moved to Portland because I want to be part of this […]

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Sculptor Transforms Maine Fishermen’s Trash

MPBN’s Tom Porter reports on New York artist Orly Genger’s sculptures made out of discarded rope purchased from Maine fishermen. An excerpt from his report: PORTLAND, Maine – A New York-based artist has become an unlikely source of revenue for a lot of Maine lobstermen. Internationally-renowned sculptor Orly Genger makes massive works of art using rope – particularly discarded lobster line. Genger’s latest project is a monumental sculpture to be installed in South Korea next year, utilizing more than 3 million feet of rope. And to craft the piece, she’s prepared to pay fishermen good money for outdated trap lines they don’t have much use for.

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America is always on the move, the exhibit at the Constellation Gallery reflects our independent spirit

This article first appeared on Maine Insights, by Morgan Rogers The Constellation Gallery, home of the Maine Artists Collective, is pleased to announce their Movement exhibit for July. America is a forever-changing nation– always on the move, this exhibit reflects the country’s independent spirit. The exhibit will have works from 11 different artists on display, with their creations to marvel […]

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Portland, Maine listed as a place to visit because of creative economy

From Croatia, to Tokyo, the site of the 2020 Olympic Games, fourteen best places to travel were listed on Business Portland, Maine was third on the list. Here’s what Jennifer Polland said about Portland in 14 Places You Should Plan To Visit In 2014: America’s other Portland has been gaining a reputation as a funky low-key destination that prizes […]