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 Professional Summary—

Throughout my profession career I’ve written about people in their communities and their connections to each other, and nature. My photography and art skills hopefully have allowed me to see beyond the obvious, to become a better wordsmith.

I’m a professional writer, owner of Insights-public relations, Maine Insights magazine, a non-profit gallery director, President of the non-profit Solon Center for Research and Publishing, a cause-oriented organizer, and a book publisher.


  • Publisher
  • I own Insights – public relations
  • Magazine features writer
  • Reporter
  • Ghost writer
  • Children’s poetry writer
  • Op-ed writer
  • Short story writer
  • Grant writer
  • Non-profit gallery director
  • Cause oriented organizer
  • News/magazine photographer
  • Assignment/portrait photographer
  • Fine art photographer
  • Layout/graphic designer
  • Website designer
  • Illustrator/Painter

Work History—

From 1998 to present:

  • Freelance writer/photographer. My most recent feature appeared in the 2018 summer edition of the Smithsonian’s American Indian called, The Humble Heroism of Penobscot Elder Charles Norman Shay – Medic at D-Day. My most recent Op-ed was written for State Senator John McCoy, Take Action Now to Aid our Ecosystem, in the Washington Herald, 2/14/2009.
  • Reporter/photographer for Maine newspapers.

From 2005 to present:

  • Owner and publisher of Maine Insights. I run the statewide newsmagazine serving 23,000 people since 2005. Jobs undertaken for Maine Insights: reporter, photographer, layout designer/ graphic designer, features writer, and website person:
  • Founded Insights. I specialize in public relations.

 From 2011 to present:

  • President/Co-founder of the Solon Center for Research and Publishing, a non-profit 501(c)3. I handle its public relations and that of Polar Bear & Company, an imprint book publisher of SCRP.,

From 2018 to present:

  • Established and run the Solon Center’s gallery, Fukurou.
  • Contracted by the Elected Officials to Protect America’s Lands (EOPA) I designed their website,, gathered eighty signatures from lawmakers, who are veterans, from across America. Their signatures were for a letter I helped write to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, which asked him to help pass legislation for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Then we flew to D.C. and visited eight U.S. Senators putting forth our case.
  • Wrote sixteen Op-eds for these EOPA lawmakers that were published across the country. The LWCF bill we fought for is now law.

In 2017—

  • Contracted by the Maine School of Masonry. I was hired to do their public relations and write grants. I redid their website and facebook pages, sent out press releases, and wrote articles for local newspapers highlighting their achievements. I photographed the students and instructors on location, and designed brochures, postcards and other promotional materials. I organized a fundraiser for them, which enabled me to write grants. In total, I helped bring in over $33,000 in grants for them, and increased their enrollment.
  • Wrote short story book, Between, yet to be published
  • Wrote novella, Between Two Rivers, yet to be published.

In 2016—

  • Wrote teen novel. I finished the first novel in a teen adventure series, Resistance Revolution, yet to be published.
  • Published paintings and illustrations. I illustrated a book on quotes with profiles of famous authors. Thirty-two paintings were completed for a children’s book in the Clipper Labrador puppy series, which was published by Polar Bear & Company. Previously we used my idea to have the first ABC Clipper book in four languages, French, English, Japanese and Spanish.

Previous achievements—

  • Published a short story, Discovery, in the Democrats Soul.
  • Children’s poetry books: Poems published in Wisdom of Bear, and Seasons.
  • Ghost wrote novel, while living in Ireland and England, contractor never published it.
  • Published a book with Carrabec High School that students wrote called, One Dream.
  • Illustrated six books with original paintings and photographs.
  • Worked with Governor John Baldacci on his book: From Generation to Generation. I had the governor record answers to questions, I’d asked him for the book. Then I transcribed the answers, added factual data, and worked out the sequencing and flow of the manuscript.
  • Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development. I was hired as a writer/photographer compiling reports for their newsletter. This required attending various news events around Maine and reporting on them.
  • Joe Baldacci Law Offices. I was hired to investigate and write about a client’s case, where his rights were infringed because DHHS did not abide by the American Disabilities Act. I took my findings and put together a newspaper that was distributed statewide to bring awareness to the injustice.
  • Worked as photographer/writer during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, in 2008. Photographed and wrote about President Barack Obama’s second inaugural in Washington, D.C.
  • Gabe for California. I was hired to write about Gabe Griess, an air force veteran who decided to run for public office. I compiled a newspaper of his notable achievements. I also designed his brochures, postcards and mailings. His was the seventh campaign I’ve worked on.
  • Lectured on photography at Sekai College in Kyoto and Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Taught photography, industrial design and graphic art at CSAA, a private school in Puerto Rico.
  • Exhibits. I’ve exhibited my fine art photography internationally, and have had twelve shows.


 I attended Friends World College, Long Island, New York. The college, now part of Long Island University, had centers around the world. I spent a year in Japan, New York, Puerto Rico and England.

Born, September, 1960.