Finding the right public relations firm is like finding your favorite restaurant, you have to share tastes and style. There has to be a meeting of minds and a complete understanding of needs.

The firm has to deal with the press professionally taking in all aspects of what their focus maybe on any given topic.Ideally the firm sets up the event to obtain the best results. They also must be thoughtful and expedient responding to issues that might effect a client professionally as they occur. That’s what we do at INSIGHTS.

Flexibility to accommodate a clients wishes is a must because we understand this is your life and livelihood your asking us to promote and safeguard. Sensitivity, creativity and insights are our guiding lights.

Since 2005 Ramona du Houx has been writing, editing and running all aspects of Maine Insights magazine. From interviewing Governor John Baldacci to local companies and grass roots movements du Houx knows Maine. Her experiences have given her a skill set that is ideal for public relations work.

For seven years Ramona has been meeting the requirements of clients for public relations writing articles, Op-eds and press releases.

“Ramona du Houx provides fine, thorough, and complete photography and writing services and doesn’t stop until she gets the job done to the satisfaction of the client she is working for.”
– Bangor City-councilor Joe Baldacci

Prior to establishing a newsmagazine Ramona was a ghostwriter, professional commercial photographer and fine art photographer living in England, Ireland, Japan, New York City and Puerto Rico.

A sample of Emily's illistration work
A sample of Emily’s illustration work

Emily Cornell has a BA from Amherst College in English and a Masters from Rhode Island School of Design. She’s been an illustrator for Polar Bear and Company with 10 books under her belt.

Crystal Chan has a BA from Amherst and has been the copyeditor for Maine Insights. She also has a Masters in fine arts and brings unique talents to the team.

In addition, during Ramona’s 30 year career as a photographer du Houx has had the privilege of capturing the excitement and atmosphere surrounding the events.

Photography is necessary communication tool in today’s visual world. With our professional photography services we can cover events or locations during public relations events.

Write to us at: 8 Brook Street, Solon, Maine, 04979

or 20 Main Street Rockland, Maine 04841

Email: duhoux2(at)
Call us: 207.319.4727
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