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Insights is offering posters of some of our artists and writers works.

Only $18 for each poster.
Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.27.38 AM

Payment can be made to paypal account or please send a check or money order to Ramona du Houx, Photography, P.O. Box 311, Solon, Maine, 04979.

Please remember they are affordable posters- which are not printed on photographic paper so they will fade over a long period of time.
The shipping and handling cost of $4 is free if you mention this website with your order.

Please click on the thumb nail to view a larger image

Ramona du Houx

Ramona du Houx has chosen three images of her work and has printed them as 18 x 24 posters, which can be matted and framed. (Of course, Ramona’s name will not be on the front of the posters, it is only online for her copywrite.)

Each dreamlike image, Garden, Discovery and Lilly Bells, transports the viewer into another world of tranquility, contemplation, nostalgia and balance. “I hope they bring the balance of nature’s love back into our busy daily lives,” said Ramona.

To view more of her work please go here.

The ABC Clipper book in English, French, Spanish and Japanese

Clipper’s ABC’s in four languages is now available as a 18 x 24 inch poster to put on any child’s wall.

Oak framed ABC Clipper poster
Oak framed ABC Clipper poster

The bright playful puppy not only will help teach your child their ABC’s but he’ll also take them on a journey around the world by translating words from English to French, Spanish and Japanese.

Any Maine school can have the poster free.The poster can also be purchased framed in oak for $42 plus $5 shipping and handling.

To read more about Clipper books please go here.

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