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A Maine adventure novel with purpose-

Mac McCabe, the owner of Allagash Air, flies his customers into the wilderness to unforgettable and often life-changing experiences, camping, fishing, and hunting. But these days it seems that it’s harder to make ends meet, even as the rich get richer and flock to Maine on vacation.

When the local paper mill is to be chopped up, stripped and closed, and the man behind the deal slams Mac’s airplane into a deadly spin with his jet, Mac dreams up a plan to get even. He recruits the military discipline of his brother-in-law Jackson Gunther and the skills of a journalist on the run from the mob. With the computer expertise of one more companion, they are involved in an offshore network to lift billions of dollars from two crooked and greedy billionaires.

Nature encounters human nature in the North Woods in search of natural justice—just one good thing to bring home to the community.

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Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 2.29.54 PM“During the winter of 2014-15 we lost power over the entire Christmas holiday. Luckily I had this story in my head for a book. I started writing. That story is now a book, One Good Thing,” said the author, Pat McGowan. “It is an adventure story with purpose.”

Patrick K. McGowan was born in Bangor, Maine, and raised in Somerset County. He learned to fly at the age of sixteen and began a lifetime of adventure and backcountry bush flying. Inspired by his home state, a place of magnificent beauty, he began a public service career, which included being a legislator, presidential appointee, and member of a governor’s cabinet. He has owned and operated many small businesses over four decades.

His drive for continued adventure included ten years as a skydiver, forty years as a floatplane and backcountry airplane pilot and multiple Maine canoe trips.

One Good Thing brings his public service, floatplane adventures, and love of storytelling to the public in this first novel.

He campaigned for single-payer health coverage in a congressional race in 1990 and has never given up on this bold idea for America. McGowan is an accomplished conservationist.

Published by Polar Bear & Company of Maine – Head office: PO Box 311, Solon, ME  04979. In town location: 20 Main Street, Rockland, ME  04841.

Available on Barnes and, and Amazon, local independent bookstores by request or directly from the publisher.

$17.95/Pages: 260 / ISBN-13: 978-1882190812

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