by Ramona du HouxTwo ducks find their way to a new home. As Winnie and Tate’s world expands in the backyard woodland pond, so does their circle of friends. They meet a variety of animals and discover that dangers can sometimes lurk around the corner.Exciting firsts and scary life events rally the family and their ducks in lasting ways, as vivid situations come to life in this wonderful adventure.

Author, Nancy Crinklaw, brings us into the world of these adorable ducks as they grow, getting into mischief at every turn.  As Winnie and Tate mature they help their human family realize what’s important in life.

Winnie and Tate will entertain many age groups and has a few life lessons for all. You just keep reading and want to know more once you finish the book,” said Lisa A Paulon in her review. “I hope to see a continuation of the story in the near future and in the meantime I will remember to be mindful of the “dark side” of the pond!”

First booksigning will be with author Nancy Crinklaw at 10AM at the Sandown Public Library, 305 Main St, Sandown, NH 03873 on March 1, 2018.

About the Author Nancy Crinklaw:

Nancy (on the right in the photo) loved reading books as a child and wanted to share that love with her daughter and began reading to her the day she came home from the hospital. As her daughter grew, she remembers searching for page-turners that would interest her child, teach a few life lessons, and be enjoyed by her as well. With those elements in mind she wrote Winnie and Tate.

“It was a struggle to find books with good messages that were fun adventures when Rachael was a baby. I really wanted to give new mothers a fun book that will help them with the road ahead, so Winnie and Tate was born,” said Nancy.

Nancy grew up in a very small town in New York along the St. Lawrence River just a stone’s throw to the Canadian Border, along with her sister Joanne Langston (on the left of the photo), who illustrated Winnie and Tate. 

“I guess it is the sister thing because the pictures fantastically compliment the feeling of the book Winnie and Tate,” said Nancy.

 Nancy now lives in Southern New Hampshire with her husband, daughter, six little ducks and two cats.

She continues to find joy in writing, and is working on a second book.

Nancy currently works in manufacturing management, continues to find joy in writing, and is working on a second book.

About the Illustrator:

Joanne Langston loved painting from an early age and recently returned to this life-long passion when Nancy asked her to illustrate Winnie and Tate.

“It’s been such a honor to be able to illustrate Nancy’s classic story. We’ve always wanted to work together on a project of significance, to give back and hopefully inspire. I’m hoping it’ll be a long partnership,” said Joanne.

Go to Facebook: for information about Winnie and Tate.

Winnie and Tate is published by Polar Bear & Company of Maine – PO Box 311, 8 Brook Street, Solon, ME 04979 and 20 Main Street, Rockland, Maine  04841.

$15.95  * ISBN: 978-1-882190-58-4 *  www. 

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