Dahlov Ipcar’s book, Animal Hide & SeekDahlov Ipcar’s book, Animal Hide & Seek.

Ipcar’s illustrations are awesome and simple stories are compelling for kids. You probably know that Ipcar is an award-winning artist whose career spanned more than sixty years during which she wrote and illustrated more than thirty children’s and young adult books. Animal Hide & Seek was her first authored title, published in 1947. Islandport Press in Yarmouth has republished several of Ipcar’s books.

Excerpt from the beginning of Animal Hide & Seek:

“The woods are full of animals, little ones and big ones – chipmunks and tree frogs, turtles, birds, and rabbits. When you walk in the woods you won’t see them at first. All you will see are the tall trees and the ferns, and moss and dry leaves. But little animals are hiding there; some in holes in the trees; some are right in front of you, but are hard to see. Look carefully and see if you can find them.”

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