Jos Ruks is a Dutchman, designer, artist, inventor, creator, entrepreneur, sailor, husband and grandpa. Since 2004 he has lived in Portland where he creates his amazing creations. He loves the abundance and variety of spacious Maine and the USA, but prefers the impressive coastline of the North Atlantic.

“Curiosity, creativity and challenge are keywords in exploring new, unique and artistic approaches,” said Jos. “Join the adventure; enjoy the visual movement in all its dimensions.”

Jos is inspired by the endless power of sun, wind and water and catches those forces with solar panels, (paper)sails and his camera.

He manages to integrate solar and/or wind power in dancing mobiles, glowing night-lights, small paper boat-models, giant kites and numerous 3-d creations.

Jos can design and build his mobile sculptures for any location.

His passion for maritime history and its future is expressed in his maps and graphic artwork.

In the Netherlands he worked for various publications. He has been an editor, graphic designer and was trained in architectural design.

Jos has been exhibiting at the Constellation Gallery on Congress Street, Portland since 2008. From 2013 – 2014 he served as the President of the Maine Artist Collective in Portland.

He welcomes commissions.

You can contact him directly at: 207.228.5964 or To see more work please go HERE.

Or use this form:


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