With art from all across Maine in the exhibit the Constellation Gallery a special Saturday opening is scheduled for December 20th from 10am until 8pm.

The Constellation Gallery’s, home of (MAC), call for art received entrees from all over Maine. As a result MAC’s “Miniatures” exhibit is the collective’s largest exhibit ever, with over 110 original works. The show runs from November 21st to January 27th. And all the work measures 11 x 14 inches or smaller, including the frames used.

The unique pieces range from photographs to paintings and black and white prints. Some artists’ exhibit internationally, others choose to exhibit in only Maine. There is surely something in this exhibit for everyone’s tastes from abstracts to realism.

The “Miniatures Show” comes during the holiday season making affordable art the perfect gift to enhance any home.

Some artists have are showing some works that have never been exhibited before. Many know David Marshall large vibrant paintings focused on Portland and the surrounding area. In this show he puts forward his photographic insights.

Rick Green’s uses mixed media and has placed real indigenous Maine stones into his unique coastal visions. Lisa Crothers displays her images of a whispering ocean. Kyler Hennisen draws a viewer in with his thought provoking work. Virginia Souza’s miniature paintings depict the beauty of Maine. Ramona du Houx’s painterly photographs are mystifying and compelling. Paul Noel’s paintings extol the sublime. Whitley Marshall’s black and white images are mystical and center the soul. And there is so much more to see!

“Miniature artworks are great gifts for the holidays and we have over a hundred to choose from at Constellation Gallery,” said David Marshall, MAC’s President and Portland City Councilor. “We’re excited with so many people coming to view the work. It’s wonderful to be able to show so many original Maine artworks.”

MAC also has studio galleries where additional art is on display.

All the artists with works in the exhibit are:

Julie Breau, Mike Breau, Nancy Clark, Lisa A. Crothers, Ramona du Houx, Rick Green, Kyler Hennisen, Jean Kigel, David A Marshall, Whitley Marshall, Paul Noel, Wayne Ross, Bob Reimann, Margaret Smith, Nancy Samacki, Virginia E. Souza, and Ann Tracy.

The mission of the Maine Artist Collective, a 501(c)-3 non-profit, is to connect the public with Maine artists and support development by providing exhibition and studio space, education, and professional workshops. During this holiday gift giving please consider a tax-free donation to this collective artist organization that is committed to growing the arts.

The Constellation Gallery located at 511 Congress Street is open Monday 12-4 pm, Wednesday 1-5 pm, Friday 12-4 pm and Sunday 10-2 pm. The Gallery is also by appointment. Please call 409.6617.

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