Barbara Vanderbilt - Quoddy Cliff
Barbara Vanderbilt – Quoddy Cliff
Barbara Vanderbilt’s exhibit includes interpretations of Maine’s rock, wood and ice formations. Her pastel paintings capture the subtle changes in texture and color of nature’s timeworn crafting of unusual designs, resulting in intriguing studies. The show will run Oct. 23 through Dec. 2,at Savory Maine, 11 Water Street in Damariscotta

Recently, Vanderbilt has been exploring water and ice formations and those pastel renderings complement this exhibit.

“I love the shapes and textures and the stories they tell,” she said. “I try to convey the interplay between strength and delicacy. The contrast between the peacefulness of the moment and the rough changes that nature brings in the way of seasonal variation, erosion and storm gives me endless material for painting and meditation. We are such a part of nature and it of us that we need to really listen to what it says to us. As Will Durant said, ‘Civilization lives by geological consent.’”

. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. To 8 p.m. Thursday through Tuesday. For more information call 207-563-2111, or visit

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