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Every month Ramona du Houx exhibits her work on her online gallery and at Gallery Manitou in Solon, Maine. Every month the theme changes reflecting the personality of the “lightgraphs,” she has chosen for the month. “Lightgraphs” are a technique she created that makes photographs resemble watercolors.

“Painting with the camera with my Lightgraphs can create the sense of being personally close to an object through colors, textures, memories, and the seasons,” said Ramona.

June’s exhibit theme is Movement.

“Movement, we take it for granted but that is what life is. Everything is constantly in motion. Our cells replicate or as a Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once wrote, ‘You can’t step into the same river, twice,’” said du Houx. “Most of us are too busy to contemplate how much motion there is around us, and how interconnected that makes us. Recording movement, in multiple ways, is something I like to convey in my work. It’s really nature’s theater.”

To see more of Ramona’s work please go here. Or visit the Constellation Gallery, 511 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. Mon-Sat 12-4

“Photography can capture motion in ways no other art medium is able to. That energy can be transformational,” added Ramona.

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