????????????????????????????A call for artists is being issued for the 2014 10 x 10 Brunswick Benefit Art Exhibit and Sale, to be held 6-9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 26, at Curtis Memorial Library and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Deadline is June 1. Go to http://www.10x10brunswick.org for an application and the guidelines.

What is the 10×10?
The 10×10 Benefit Art Exhibit & Sale, co-sponsored by Arts Are Elementary and Points of View Artists, is an annual fundraiser for Arts Are Elementary.

Since 2008, the 10×10 event has been enthusiastically supported by artists, art collectors, local sponsors and community volunteers. To date, the 10×10 Benefit has raised $58,000 for Arts Are Elementary.

Who Benefits?
Arts Are Elementary is a local nonprofit program founded in 1980 that brings visual artists, writers and performers into the Brunswick elementary schools. The program reaches all children in kindergarten through the 5th grade with a myriad of fun, inspiring opportunities for creative expression.

AAE coordinates artists’ residencies with the school’s curriculum. Through these residencies and special concerts, students explore a wide range of art forms from cultures around the world.

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