The Hemera Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to introducing secular contemplative views and practices into mainstream society, focusing on education, women and children, and the arts. The deadline is 04-01-2014.

Tending Space Fellowships are open to visual and performing artists and writers. Fellows will receive financial support for both contemplation and creation. Application is open to those who are deeply engaged with, and have a demonstrable commitment to, an art form and who also have an interest in beginning or deepening a spiritual practice. Compensation will be provided to 10 fellows for a residential meditation retreat, an art retreat or workshop, a meditation mentor, an art mentor and a stipend for a two-week work period where fellows can focus wholly on their art.

Funding: Tending Space Fellows will be supported by fellowships starting at $4,500 (the exact amount will be determined by the cost of each project not to exceed $8,300). Awards will be announced in May 2014. The Fellowship period will be June-December 2014.

More information at or Email

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