With the internet there are myriad avenues for artists to start to gain recognition. The artist has to be aware of the pros and cons of these marketing tools. Some have been really successful others really disappointed. Insights could help you personally to set a comprehensive strategy.

Here’s a section of the article, Savvy artists use internet tools to build their audience, by Bob Keyes of the Portland Press Herald:

Hannah Rosengren was only trying to practice her art when she made a botanical illustration of plants that attract bees.The 2013 Maine College of Art graduate assigned herself the task of making tiny paintings of plants. She read about the decimation of bee colonies, and thought an illustration promoting herbs, perennials and annuals that attract bees might be timely and interesting, and also challenging to make.

She combined those tiny paintings in one big poster, and launched an international art career from her home in South Portland.

At last count, Rosengren estimates the illustration that she made has been shared by about 15,000 people or organizations on Facebook and other social media outlets across the globe. It’s also resulted in a spike in online sales on Etsy, an e-commerce website that focuses on art and handmade and vintage items.

Rosengren’s story offers one example of an artist living in a rural state who has figured out how to reach national and international audiences without spending a lot of time and money on marketing and promotion.

“It’s amazing. It’s crazy, actually,” said Rosengren, 23. “I’ve had a shop on Etsy since last fall, and all of a sudden, it just blew up. People are buying other things listed on the shop, because they’re there.

For the full article please go here.

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