Maine artist’s mosaic graces five floors of Boston hospital
By Bob Keyes of the Portland Press Herald

A Cape Elizabeth artist in the Boston spotlight as the Boston Children’s Hospital opens an addition with her Maine-made glass mosaic panels on five floors.

From the article:

Amanda Edwards’ piece, which she spent much of 2013 working on, is called “Everyone’s Tree House,” and it’s one of those works of art that cause people to stop, look and look again.

The five-panel piece includes 73,000 tiles and weighs more than 1,000 pounds. It is installed on the sixth through 10th floors of the new Mandell Building, which is named for the recently retired hospital president, Dr. James Mandell.

Each of the five panels is visible from a central courtyard in the building, and each represents a different section of a single tree that begins at sea level and stretches high into space. It shows fish swimming, children playing and animals gallivanting among the leaf-adorned branches.

Edwards, 38, was chosen for the $100,000 project following a national call for proposals in 2012.

She said she designed her mosaic to represent the playful spirit of children, the healing qualities of nature and the soothing elements of art.

“As an artist, I am committed to designing artwork that brings people happiness, and it’s my hope that I am given the chance to do that for the many patients, visitors and employees that walk the busy halls of Boston Children’s Hospital,” she said in a statement about the work.

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