Unicycle is the story of a book that unravels one of nature’s riddles with an alternative math.

by Paul Cornell du Houx


The history of scientific evidence confirms that nature is fundamentally asymmetric; it is increasingly certain that no pure symmetry will ever be found, even by our most sophisticated machines. Travel the reasons for this absence and discover nature’s balance anew.

Explore the interconnected maze of consequences for civilization, religion, consciousness, and the soul. The plot takes a series of deductive steps from a single, narrow logical proof to unfold a new progressive rationalism, anchored in the nature of asymmetric change.

Equal opportunity is discovered in the very foundations of matter, as an ethic to guide technological power and improve quality of life. The mathematical steps are expressed with mythological tales, which gain a realism of their own through the deductions. Nature comes to life in fiction in innovative ways, along with the characters who piece together the narrative by a river in Maine.

“Very scrupulously set out. It is extremely well written and beautifully literate.” —Dr. Diane Collinson, author of Fifty Major Philosophers and Plain English

“This book contains some serious mathematics.” —William H. Barker, Isaac Henry Wing Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematics Department, Bowdoin College, author of Continuous Symmetry: From Euclid to Klein

“A provocative book by a serious thinker, well worth the reader’s time.” —William A. Haviland, Professor Emeritus, founder of the Department of Anthropology, University of Vermont, author of At the Place of the Lobsters and Crabs: Indian People and Deer Isle, Maine, 1605–2005, coauthor of textbooks including Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge

To order:

Unicycle: The Book of Fictitious Symmetry and Non-Random Truth, 328 pp, Quality Paperback, ISBN 9781882190065
US $16.95 add $3 for shipping and handling in USA.

Order saying you saw this write up on Insights and deduct $5 from your total.

Please send check or money order to Polar Bear and Company, PO Box 311, Solon, Maine, 04979. Or call 207.643.2795

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