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Maine’s Indian Heritage books

——————————————————————————————————– The Native Canoe Routes of Maine by David S. Cook David Cook takes the reader on a birchbark canoe journey through the landscape in the context of Northeastern geological development and Indian prehistoric culture. On rivers, lakes, over carries, and through coastal routes, we follow the archaeological and historical record, informed by accounts of early explorers. First attempted in the early twentieth century, the publication of these ancient canoe routes, in daily use for millennia, is finally accomplished and in its third edition, with translations of Indian place names, a thorough index, notes and bibliography, and a foreword by Penobscot tribal historian, James Eric Francis, Sr. The eminent anthropologist David Sanger, PhD, provides an introduction.

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Your Maine Lands by Tom Hanrahan

On behalf of Maine’s Department of Conservation, a master Maine guide introduces the free amenities of the nearly one million acres of Maine’s public lands, including hunting and fishing, with advice on how to prepare for a visit to the North Maine Woods. Features thirty-eight illustrations by Kelly Thorndike. With a foreword by Governor John E. Baldacci, and an introduction by Commissioner Patrick K. McGowan, Department of Conservation. To order, please e-mail: Gale Ross,, or phone 207 287-5266. Thank you! Your Maine Lands: Reflections of a Maine Guide, by Tom Hanrahan, 38 black & white illustrations by Kelly Thorndike, 96pp Quality Paperback, ISBN 978-1-882190-91-1, US $10.95